Welcome to Merge Army Simulator!

Join the group for codes! Use code “150k” for free damage boost! 💥 Use code “750fav” for a free limited pet! 🏆 

🚨 NEW Update! 🚨
 Added ninja and samurai pets! ⚔️ Added codes and server to redeem! Use code RELEASE for a free spawning boost! 🏆 

Grow your army and merge them to grow stronger! 🏆 
⚔️Defeat BOSSES & WARLORDS to gain cash and resources! ⚔️ 
🔓Use cash to merge troops higher and unlock new zones!🔓 
🎁 FREE private servers! Get merging! How many troops can you get? Good luck hatching eggs! Can you collect all of the pets by opening them all? You’ve been challenged! It’s much different from an obby! Get your rewards! Run through the zones as fast as you can! Show us your true speed!

👍 LIKE and FAVORITE! Join the group! 👍 

🌟Roblox Premium Benefits: Exclusive limited pet in-game!


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