👻This is an abandoned hospital with an eerie and terrifying atmosphere. 
Here, you will encounter all kinds of ghosts and spirits, and you will need courage and perseverance to get through.🏥

🛠️Update: Add Toilet Man(/ghost 16-18).

Game chat command:
/re: Avatar reset
/ghost: Become a ghost randomly.
/hide: Avatar hidden.
/unhide: Avatar unhide.
/setweather+id: Set weather(Join group and like to use)
Current ID range: 1~19
/ghost+id: Become the ghost of this id.
Current ID range: 1~18

Explain: Private servers cannot increase points.

First-person play is the best.

Tags: Haunted House,Hangout, Vibe, Hugs, Simulator, Tycoon, Shower, Public, Friends, Flamingo, Hangout, Vibe, Hugs,  Tycoon, Shower, Snow, Friends, Flamingo, Rp, RolePlay, Night, Tower Of Hell, prison, Welcome To Bloxburg, Catalog, Avatar, Editor, Animations, Korblox,items,ragdoll, Voice

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