Enter Shadovia and claim your destiny! Battle, loot and craft your way through the wild forests, dangerous dungeons and huge mountain ranges of this world as you embark on your quest to become the ultimate hero! 

🔥 Epic Bosses: Test your skills against challenging bosses. 
⚔️ Unique Weapons: Customize your loadout with awesome special weapons, armor and abilities. 
🔨 Craft & Conquer: Create gear to enhance your strength and style. 
🎁 Community Driven: Join the group, like and favourite the game for continuous updates and rewards! 

- 27/2/24 [NEW!] - 15 billion bug fixes... fr...
- 18/2/24 - Added Farming and Fishing, MORE INFO ON NEWS!
- 15/1/24 - Added bunch of quality of life changes

This game is performance intensive! Please adjust your graphics accordingly! 

PC Controls: 
Double-W - Sprint 
Tab - Open Inventory 
Space - Climb 

Tags: RPG, Adventure, Crafting, Fantasy, Boss, Combat, PvE, Explore, Action, Roleplay, Quest, Dungeons.


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