🔨Whimsical is a building game that uses F3X Building Tools.

 • !modcall - calls a moderator if there are none in-game
 • !help - calls a moderator if there is one in-game
 • !tp (player) - teleports
 • !rmute / !unrmute (player) - mutes a player's donor boombox
 • votekick (player) - to votekick someone (only works if there are no staff in-game)
 • ;ab - Spawns back in builds that were deleted when you left
 • F9 or /console - for F3X logs
 • Press SHIFT + P to go in to Cinematic mode
 • Press R two times to toggle Camera Collision
 • Press [ to toggle player's part indicator
 • Press R once to toggle ragdoll (requires Fun Tools gamepass)
⚠️Ban Appeals: Join the game and you'll be redirected to ban appeals.⚠️

Public servers are vulnerable to griefers so it's recommended to play on private servers.

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"This is a land full of good builders and purple" - BeemoIsNice


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