Final Update Coming Soon


Welcome to the nostalgic roleplay of the old Piggy community! In this game you can test out morphs, hunt for the badges or just have fun!

This game has the objective of recreating old Piggy fan games (usually role-playing) that were banned at the end of the refinery chapter, An example would be the main inspiration for this game: InfectedDeveloper's Piggy RP

All credits go to the original creator of Piggy, MiniToon
The rest of the credits are in the game

Crouch: Ctrl/Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile)

I hope you enjoy playing this REMAKE of the old banned Piggy fan games! If you like the game you can drop a like! This will let us know that you want more content into the game! Goodluck to everyone who try finding all the badges, or complete all of the playable maps!


There are currently no running experiences.