Welcome to Anime Destroyer Simulator! ⚔️
Try to Defeat as Much Anime as Possible! 🥇

💡 How To Play: 
- Collect Energy To Defeat Anime Faster⚡
- Use Yens to Upgrade Energy and Get Better Pets That Give More Yens 💴
- Upgrade Your Sword With Energy ⚔️
- Get in the top of the Leaderboards🌐

- Heroes✨ 
- New Zone🗺️ 
- New Eggs🥚 
- New Swords⚔️ 
- New Ranks🏆 
- Revamp🔨 

Use code "Release" for 100 YENS! 💴 
Thanks for the Support...! 

⭐️Favorite and Like the game to be notified on UPDATES👍🏼

Tags: Anime, Wall, Punch, Fighting, Infinite, Swords, Clicker, Energy, Race, Fun, Pets, Adventure


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