👋 Welcome to dominus clicking simulator! 👋
This is a fun game based around clicking a dominus to earn higher and higher levels of dominus. You can hang out with your friends, and see who can get the most clicks! 🏆

But some people don't like that you have a dominus, and will fight you to try and steal yours! You earn 1 coin for every 5 clicks, use coins to increase your strength, and therefore the amount of damage you give when fighting!

If you buy a gamepass in the game you may have to rejoin if the game does not automatically detect your purchase!

Favourite ⭐ the game so you never lose it, and like 👍 the game if you want to see more updates to this game!

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Please note; auto clickers are not allowed.

Building by Naco88, scripting and UIs by SteadyOn


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