A deadly game of Marco, Polo.

Headphones HEAVILY recommended. Directional sound is important in this game.
Please report any bugs found in the community server.

Each round one player is selected as "Marco". All other players are "Polo".
Polo players have to either find all 10 clues(Yellow notes) hidden in the map, or survive until time runs out, to win.
Marco has to find and eliminate all Polo. Every 10 seconds Marco can shout "Marco!", and the nearest player will automatically reply "Polo!". Marco can use this to find Polo easier by directional sound(Headphones needed).
If you get eliminated as a Polo player, you will become a Ghost. Ghosts don't have any specific objective, but they can float around the map and scare other players.

(For mobile there are special gui buttons)
C - Crouch, while crouching, you don't make footstep sounds.
LMB - Toggle flashlight, shoot, use device.

This is essentially a game of Horror Hide and Seek.


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