Escape noobs and get cheaper goods, and play the BC version:

In this favorite ROBLOX game, you collect cookies, and defend your land against invaders who will stop at now costs to get their hands on your cookies. Build and create, fight and destroy, in THIS world, YOU decide what happens.  A tycoon style game of fighting and building, fight, ally, strategize, and play with your friends in this epic game that is based off of Cookie Clicker. 

Points are rewarded on-available basis. 

R/F = Rotate Building
Hold down Ctrl to place multiple buildings
Click on your cookie to get cookies, and steal your opponent's cookies by clicking on theirs. 
Brought to life by Quenty, envisioned by Blocco, ColorfulBody, Techboy6601, Tenal. kokiplay complained about all the bugs.

xXxMoNkEyMaNxXx did nothing.


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