★ The game is currently in BETA so everything you see may vary in the final version of the game, everything is subject to changes & reworks. 

★V 1.3 | Setarelle is now in the stargazing prophecy & Turquonila in the new Fauna Masterclass pass !


★ CHAPTER 1 | Burning Memories is now released! obtain enough fairydust & reach level 2 of your Masterclass to access it!

★ Choose your fighter in order to save the universe from the natural disasters the world has been facing. Two siblings have been chosen for this role & will encounter many Friends & Companions that will help them along the way. Are you ready to go under strict training & become a Mythical Guardian?

★ Collect chests, play Minigames & enjoy yourself in the various surroundings! Find all the secrets that are hiding right behind your eyes.


There are currently no running experiences.