Where are you? How did you get there? 
How Do you get out?
Can you Escape the Maze?

- Find your way through the MAZE of MADNESS, dodging Pit and Fire traps! Look out for pitfalls that can toss you somewhere else! Can you find the way out? Perhaps a Statue or some of the people trapped with you have some clues or answers....

Maze of Madness BETA has had a few updates -- pit trap collision fixed, reducing latency. Added Doc Rabbit character explaining the maze more. Please check it out and give feedback here or in the disco --- will be checking sound files, Ai Spiders rebuilds, Ai Npc fixes. And statues saves and yellow save blocks on CLICK to prevent Ai from bogging the server down. Target tracking on latency issues. 
- New Place Images and Promo's coming!
- New Maze Of Madness Shirt coming!
- New Ravenfall Studios Shirt Coming! 
Stay tuned!


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