Travel through Melanie's eras, albums and EPs CRY B, K-12, PORTALS, The Voice). 
🧩 Beat 85 cute and whimsical obstacle stages based on Melanie's albums. 
🏅 Earn badges and track them in-game! 
🏁 Reach the end and unlock the TOY BOX, QUIZZES, and REBIRTH! 
🧸 Touch the TOY BOX to get toys and weapons! 
❓ Play and beat Melanie-themed quizzes! 
🏆 Get the most Rebirths and rank on the leaderboard! 
Premiums players get an exclusive in-game Chat Tag! 
Reset if Gamepasses do not work. 
[This is a FAN-MADE game and not actually affiliated with Melanie Martinez]


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