Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's P̶i̶z̶z̶e̶r̶i̶a̶!̶ TOWER DEFENSE! Here in this pizza party Fantasy and fun REALLY come to life! You'll have to quickly hire new employees onto the battlefield to keep up with the animatronics!

- MAP 1: Saferoom - A very hard nightmare mode map with two lanes, try not to get dismantled in the process!
- MAP 2: The Red Lake - Fnaf World's final glitchworld sublayer brought to life in a medium mode map! Try not to fall in!
- MAP 3: The Happiest Day - The first good ending scene brought to life in tough multi lane map! 

All Credits go to Scott Cawthon, the original creator of Five Night's At Freddy's

Hacking and/or Exploiting bugs will result in your data being reset.

Tags: FNAF TD, Five Night's At Freddy's, Tower Defense, Fun, Fnaf, Five Night's At Freddy's Tower Defense


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