✨Wands at the ready!

⚔️Challenge others to epic magical duels and cast iconic spells!
🧙‍♂️Create your witch or wizard and unlock various outfits, wands, and magical abilities!      
🏆Attack, defend, parry, and compete to become a Renowned Duelist!
🔮Discover new magic and create unique devastating combos!
📜Complete daily quests and earn rewards!

📝(NOTE: Aim your cursor at a target to cast spells and press E in Free For All areas to equip your wand)

🗨️Join the Socials to keep updated with the game's Development!

❗This game is in active development. Please report any bugs to the socials at the bottom of the page! 

Tags: magic, wizard, witch, wizards, school of witchcraft and wizardry, sorcery, pvp, roleplay, rpg, hp, spellbook, duel, duelist, harry potter


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