Welcome to the arcade strategy game LineUp! Here, you're trying to get the highest score possible. You get points by clicking on clusters of 3 or more squares of the same color. Larger clusters, such as 5 or 10, will earn a higher score through combo points. Clearing the entire board of blocks will automatically get you 200 bonus points. Power-ups also randomly appear while playing, and can help you destroy some pesky blocks. They are very useful, and appear more often when you are close to losing. However, power-ups do not give points. If any block goes above the top line, it's game over, so be sure to keep an eye on how high the towers are getting. As your score increases, so does game speed. But, every 1000 points, the speed resets back down. You recieve only 100 clicks per speed reset, so click carefully. The window is dragable (top bar) and resizeable (bottom-right square), so feel free to adjust your board. The pause button is located at the bottom-left of the window.

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