☄️Welcome to Power Legends Tycoon!🌪 

💥Claim a tycoon and build a powerful base full of powers to defeat demons or players!💥
Burn your enemies with Roaring fires!🔥 
Heal your friends with the Love class!🌸 
Summon the powers of the Lightning class and unleash a thunderstorm on the map!⚡️ 
and a lot more!🌟 
Team up with your friends and fight different levels of demons and bosses in the demon realm!💪 

Premium players get bonus starter cash of 💰10,000!
Join our group to get 💰5,000 cash and be a part of our community!! ⭐️ 

We will drop a new code at 1800 likes!👍 Current Codes - "Update5" & Join Social Links To Get Other Codes!  

PC: Dash - Left Control 

Xbox: Dash - Button "B" 
Use Power - Button "R2" 

Ps4/Ps5: Dash - Button "O" 
Use Power - Button "R2" 🏷️ 

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