Inspired from Cebu's Tops Lookout, with Cebu's landscape, vibes and hang-out experience. 

FREE COMMANDS: /Korblox /Headless 
EMOTE SYNC: /sync (username) /leavesync 

Update Logs are posted in our official server in the social link down below.

Tags: Pinoy, Tambayan, VC, Aesthetic, Vibe, Hangout, Mic, Voice Chat, Cebu, Tops, Filipino, Meet, Korblox, Headless, Emotes, Dances, Rooftop, Chill, Friends, Mic Up, Anime, Retro, Vaporwave, Chill, SadVibes, Nation, Edgy, Aesthetic, Grunge, Gothic, Outfit, VR, Virtual Reality, NYC, Vibe Room, Vibe Place, Vibe Pool, Vibe Cuddles, Chill, SadVibes, Nation, Edgy, Grunge, Gothic, Vibe Plane, Vibe Train, Bathroom, Catalog Dance Animations Mocap Animation Fun TT3 TT Dances Vibe Hangout Hang out korblox headless catalog outfit


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