District Cascade is a sci-fi free-running parkour game, INSPIRED by Parkour on Roblox!

* 🏙️ Explore a utopian-like city
* 🗝️ Unlock a multitude of gears and spawns
* 🎁 Find lost objects & supply drops with useful items
* 🏆 Race players or time trials
* 📜 Learn the lore
* 🌍 Learn the move-set to help you traverse this world

======= Info =======
👥 Group members get daily rewards
💎 Premium users get a +0.25x XP Multiplier
🌟 Weekend bonus of +0.25x XP Multiplier

❌ Exploiters are NOT tolerated whatsoever; this means that if you are caught exploiting in any capacity you will be banned from this experience.

======= Development Notices =======
🕹️ This is a solo project, FIREYAUTO is the only developer for this experience. 🚧 Still a work-in-progress, with BIG plans ahead. Expect semi-frequent updates!

======= Custom Maps =======


There are currently no running experiences.