Welcome to Cookville, Chef! 🧑‍🍳

Can you handle the heat? 🔥
In this chaotic cooking simulator game, hold on to your chef's hat and travel from kitchen to kitchen on a culinary adventure with exotic foods and fun ingredients 🫕
Work together with friends to prepare meals for the tough-to-please Mr. Pig 🐷 to fill his stomach and improve his mood 😡
As the tension mounts and the dishes get difficult, you'll also have to deal with kitchen fires🧯and even some haunted👻 kitchens!

🍅 Combine ingredients and chop, cook and fry them to make salads, pasta, burgers, tacos and more!
🍴 Get your dishes to Mr. Pig quickly to gain XP and reach advanced kitchens with more exciting recipes!
👯 Work together to prepare dishes faster, and share XP for combined efforts!
👩‍🍳 Start as a noob chef and work your way up to earn the Iron Chef's hat and beyond!
👍 free code at 100 likes!

📢 See any issues with the game? Report them to our socials! 📢


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