Welcome to the OFFICIAL World of Trollge, we hope you enjoy your stay. :Troll: 
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Do NOT exploit, this will earn you a permanent ban.
Do NOT bug abuse, this will earn you one week ban or more if you continue to bug abuse. 
Do NOT ban evade, you will be banned permanently without a second thought.
Make sure to follow Roblox ToS! Breaking ToS may land you with a ban. Ex: Cross trading & Gambling.
You may appeal for an unban in the community server. 
You are responsible for your own Roblox account. Even if it was a family member or friend on your account, you are liable for any damage they cause.
These songs are made by GR8_REX:
All songs in the Red Tree Dimension, Tech Boss, Lag HQ & Guh HQ, day & night time music and Oil man's cave.

• Inspired by Trollge Universe Incident


There are currently no running experiences.