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This is a challenging and frustrating game in the style of the popular PC game by Bennett Foddy. In this Roblox version, players must navigate their way up a mountain using a sledgehammer as their only tool.

🕹To control the sledgehammer, players only need to use their mouse or finger to move it in a circular motion. The height of the hammer depends on the speed of the movement, and the direction is determined by the mouse/finger direction. Players must use the sledgehammer to grab onto objects and pull themselves up to reach the top of the mountain.its like "ball and axe" but harder

🥇Are you ready to take on the challenge and see if you can "Get Over It"?🥇

⚠Dont Worry! i will always "Save" your progress (even your Mistakes)⚠

💎Current in Game Modded Versions💎:
- Sticking Over it.
- Pogo Over it.
- Getting Over it but with huge hammer.
- Getting Over it but with Shot


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