Welcome to Sky Race!

How to play:

⚡ - Collect Power to increase your speed!

💎 - Collect money bags in the sky to earn more Wins!

🏆 - More Wins bring more speed!

🌀 - Collect various pets to fly even faster!

🌀 - (3 identical pets can be combined to create a higher star-level pet!)

🏆 - Fly in the sky and try to reach higher speeds!

🎌 - Reach the END of the levels 

🌐 - Get in the Top 20 Leaderboards 

😊 More updates are coming soon!

🎉 Join our Group to get daily rewards!

FREE code:skyrace (used within the Setting button)
👍 Please like and favorite , New Codes available when we have 10K likes 👍

💥 Thank you for playing!

Tags: Colorful, Super, Speed, Fun, Obby, Parkour, Race, Run, Victory, Win, Faster, Platformer, Clicker,Sky


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