Developers: Vedden, MarkoSumisu, & tablegum
Contributors: EstheKing, Dreamkono, 

Force your way into the BLUELOCK world and build your character to become one of the greats. Whether you decide to devour those around you is in your hands.

This game has a moderate level of difficulty to become a proficient player. However, through consistent practice, one might find the concepts extremely easy to understand, and easy to do exactly what they envision in their mind. Good luck.

If you want to utilize the teamset feature, say !team TEAMNAMEHERE, to join it. To leave it, say !leave. Example: !team Rockets. Everyone with that teamset will have the icon above their head. Say !leave to leave.

- Tab: Menu
- M2 With ball: Dash
- Goalkeeper and OTHER Controls in the game server


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