Description Beginning as an R&D venture between the Invenium family and Frostaria's primary contractor (Bu_wls) initiated to iterate on the inefficiencies of its predeccesor, Sparrow Corp greenlit the full scale realization of Prism II, a complete facility on the frontier of military training procedures and techniques. Covertly located at a remote location several clicks out from the decomissioned Fort Celeste I on an artificial island, the state of the art training hub features completely bespoke technological subsystems built for purpose, including new simulations, weapons platforms, and assistant VI software to promote maximal efficacy in training Frostaria's best and brightest infantry to reach their optimal potential. In addition to these new technological advancements, Prism II also offers a complete paradigm shift in Frostarian progression doctrines in the form of the new and robust solo-training system, allowing combatants to hone their skills.


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