Welcome, to Star Wars roleplay! I put this back up. I will ignore any retorts that DevilDeals or his followers have to say. 
Rules (Admins will take action): 

[1.] Do not troll.
[2.] Please try to use proper role-play skill.
[3.] Use proper grammar and punctuation.
[4.] Do not exploit, cheat, or hack.
[5.] Don't RDM (Random Death Match [Killing someone without reason.])
[6.] Use common sense.
[7.] Special characters are reserved for administrators/moderators during events only. (Councilor Palpatine, Obi-Wan, Anakin etc.)

Owner's Note: Hello, all. I encourage anyone still interested in quality roleplay to come here and play. If I gain a population and confirmation that people are interested in my game again, I will begin updating things and remastering a lot of old objects - that much I can say.


There are currently no running experiences.