An Anomaly in the Anomalous Field exhibits properties beyond the control of the A.O.F, warping our reality, stealing its essence for itself to fit its horrific machinations.
Designation: A-888

Contact: A-888 is a spin-off game from Anomalous Activities.
A horde based shooter featuring:
—Terrifying creatures known as Anomalies, fit with their own unique abilities and design to take you down at any cost.
—A vast selection of equipment and weaponry, from grenades to firearms to an autocannon strafing run.
—In-depth skill decks and build making capabilities, but not leaning too hard on RPG mechanics, experience will always be rewarded over raw stat bonuses.
—Satisfying and rewarding gunplay, an effort was put into making your firearms feel like firearms and not toys.

You are expected to fall, but the A.O.F will remember your sacrifices.

Thumbnails contributed by: Omenour and alphamerc.

Type 'unstuck' in the chat if you get stuck during Infiltration.


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