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Latest Updates
* New UI
* Dressing Rooms
* Wax Museum
* Tower Obby
* QoL Updates

Want to create a new outfit? Browse the Avatar Shop while hanging out online? You can do all that and more in Catalog Tester! Direct access to new and existing items from the Roblox catalog! 

You can find almost any catalog item by search or id entry. Want to see the latest items just released or updated? Head over to the new items section and instantly try them on! Find exactly what you're looking for by searching Roblox directly and fine tuning the results! Save outfits and items to come back to later or directly to Roblox!

If you like your new look you can even buy any items you don't own directly from Catalog Tester. One 2 One Games gets a percentage of all purchases made in game! Please show your support by buying avatar shop items through one of the original catalog experiences!

Bug reports are much appreciated!


There are currently no running experiences.