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Welcome to ⚔️Slasher Blade⚔️! 
Slash through, huge boss enemies! Click to attack! Along the way, you'll fight monsters, collect Legendary Weapons, and unlock new levels. Ready to start your adventure?

  - New Word
  - New Weapons and Waves
  - New gameplay "Infinite Dungeon"
  - New gameplay "Combo Gold" 
  - Current level cap: 300
  - Fixed some bugs
  - Adjusted some game balance

💡How to play:
🐍Fight and survive monster waves
⚔️Purchase better weapons to improve your power
🌀Master powerful skills
🌎Get on leaderboards 

🌸Premium users +20% coins!

🚀 RELEASE CODE: 300Likes,2000Likes,5000Likes
❤️ NEW CODE: nicegame

Tags: Adventure,Pixel,Action,Fight,Rank,Warrior,Weapon,Monster,Treasure


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