Welcome to Venti Cafe!
"It's different in a Venti." 

►Changelog - 9/18/21
-Re-themed the cafe for the fall season
-Lighting changes
-Balloon gravity fixed
-Quality of life changes

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►Game Credits 
Building - Vitalious & Aezerix
Original Concept - Vamonoz
Scripting - Grufftomcat & luqcid
UI Design - Flam_ed, Grufftomcat, & crvzqs
Contributions from vascuIature, xJos_hy, AggressiveCatch, & varcitiez

Thanks for visiting Venti Cafe!

Tags: bakery frappe cafe restaurant simulator hilton hotels soro's baking job daycare work jailbreak boba bakiez chef fume salon fume sizzleburger koala cafe work at a pizza place vibe nova restaurant dunkin donuts updates RPG cafe cool club party

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