PREMIUM PLAYER BENEFIT - Get up to 25% Bonus money

[Version 1.502]

Welcome to a company tycoon game where you build your company from the ground up!

💣 Defeat your ex-boss for endgame rewards
🏢 Upgrade and clean your offices
🧾 Immersive tax & bills
👨‍⚖️ Avoid jail by not evading taxes
🤝 Help your friend build their company in co-op
📈 Invest into other company realistically in real-time
🚗 Spin to win & collect over a dozen cars
🚦 Real time live traffic system including plane , truck & boat

⭐ Unique staff levelling system
💤 Staff will sleep from working overtime
☕ Coffee to keep staff awake

✈️ Own up to 4 planes for air deliveries
👨‍✈️ Become a pilot to fly your own plane

📦 Own up to 4 trucks for shipping around the map
🚚 Drive your own truck to ship orders quicker

🚄 Own a train station to make millions each delivery
🔫 Kick off thief from robbing your train goods

Please be informed that compatibility on most mobile devices are not guaranteed and may crash.


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