Are you ready to jump into Baby Bobby's Daycare? Let's get to it! This daycare isn't like the others, it is patrolled by a GIANT BABY and has some of the world's best security technology designed to stop you from escaping! Make your way through jumps, chases, liquid hot "MAGMA", and defeat Baby Bobby in an epic boss battle. Let's do this!

If you have fun please thumbs-up 👍 and favorite ⭐ to support the game. Thank you so much for playing!

Premium players get a free speed coil to use in game!

If you're stuck on a stage make sure to check out some of the fun power-ups in the shop, any purchases are greatly appreciated and support me in making future games but don't feel pressured, simply playing the game is just as meaningful to me as a developer ❤️. Have fun!

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