Welcome to Ball Brawl, a multiplayer game where you can battle it out with friends and strangers alike in an epic object-tossing tournament! ⚔️

Play on a map, which is randomized each round and all buildings in it are destructible!
Play versus real human opponents and advanced AI adversaries!
Play different game modes like Floor is Lava and Classic.

Choose from a variety of different weapons - iron balls, plasma balls 🔥, rocks, rods, planks and many other to customize your play style and outsmart your opponents. 

Compete for the top spot on the rankings 🏆 to win bonuses!

Join the battle today and show everyone what you're made of!


⭐ Premium Members Benefit: 
- 20% less medals are needed to unlock new weapons.

Tags: battle, tournament, balls, AI, Floor is Lava, shoot, throw, ballistic, rounds, weapons, robots, projectiles, rocks, fire, planks, medals, metal, plasma


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