Welcome to Overlook Bay 2! 🏝️ A cozy roleplay game that offers endless possibilities. Adopt cute pets, go fishing, grow crops on your very own farm, customize your house, complete quests, earn exclusive rewards, trade with friends, send gifts through the mail, customize your entire life, and most importantly be who YOU want to be! 💖 

👍 Like the Game to Unlock Exclusive Rewards! 

🐶 Adopt and Take Care of Cute Pets! 
🎣 Relax Seaside As You Fish for Rare Catches! 
🚜 Grow and Care for Crops on Your Very Own Farm! 
💎 Mine for Valuable Crystals Deep Under the City! 
🏡 Purchase and Customize the Home of Your Dreams! 
💰 Trade with Your Friends to Complete Your Collections! 
🏝️ Roleplay, Dress Up, and Explore the City of Overlook Bay 2! 


🌟 Update Log:

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