Game is in maintenance for a few weeks to prepare for a update..

Risk of Roadblocks is a randomizer game with a strong focus on combat. Everything down to the base combat and movement is a reference to another game or media! 

On spawn you will be given a Weapon and 4 Skills (tools). Collect player kills to spend at the Shrine to unlock Enchants/Specs/ and more!

- The 4th Tool will ALWAYS be an evasive!
- You can ONLY parry Heavy attacks / Guard breaks (Some exceptions apply)
- Like all games on Roblox your experience will be best on good ping and high fps! 

Dash - Q
Dash Cancel - Q + M2
Light Attack - M1
Heavy Attack/Crit - R
Run - W + W
Slide - W + W + CTRL
Slide Jump - Slide + Space


There are currently no running experiences.