🍟 Welcome to Fast Food Race Simulator! Fly with Farts! 🍔

🍔 Fast Food Race is a very fun game in which you must eat a lot of fast food to generate gas that will propel you very far and you will earn many coins to buy cool pets that will help you improve the food and be able to jump to infinity.

👍 Code 100 Likes = 100LIKES
👍 Code 500 Likes = 500THANKS
👍 Code 1000 Likes = PET1000THANKS
Next code 10000 LIKES 👍
Next code 30000 LIKES 👍

💡 How to play?
🍔 Eat lots of fast food to collect gas that will give you flight power!
🥚 Buy powerful pets with the coins obtained to upgrade fast food gas!
🦋 Equip yourself with powerful wings that will improve your profits!
🔥Use skills to collect much more gas!
🌍 Unlock new worlds to get more rewards!
😁 Have a lot of fun!

👍 Like and add to your favorites to support the team and unlock new updates! 👍


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