🛬 Welcome to Survive a PLANE CRASH into an Island! 🔥
How to Play:
🛬 Roleplay as the plane takes off, falls and sinks into the ocean!
🔥 Swim your way to the Survival island!
😄 Have fun with Friends!

Remember to:
📝 If your gamepasses do not work, rejoin the game!
👍 Like and ⭐Favorite if you enjoy!
🔴 Like The Game And Join our group for Free Rewards!
📮 Invite your friends for more fun!

💸 Roblox Premium Users Get a Special Chat Tag!

📝 Credits to Survive a Plane Crash, Survive a Crash to VIP Island!, Survive a Chaotic Plane Crash, Plane Crazy for the inspiration!

⚠️ Game may be laggy on Public Servers! Playing in a private server with friends is recommended

✨ More updates coming soon!

Tags: Plane, Crash, Survive, Survival, Island, RP, Roleplay, Vehicle, Simulation, Adventure, Action, Physics, Obby


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