⚔️ Welcome to Fabled Legacy! This is a dungeon crawler game where the aim is to battle your way through dungeons and obtain stronger armours and weapons. Grab your friends and delve into the depths of the dungeons and discover secrets. ⚔️ 

⭐ Update 8.8.0
🏆 Achievements Update 
🎆 Anniversary Event 
🎩 Rotating Cosmetic Store
🥕 2x Carrots

💎 Current codes: 60KLIKES, 50MILONMYWRIST
🎁 Next code at 65,000 Likes 

🔥 Join the Roblox group for an extra daily quest and item from daily rewards! 
✨ Premium Players get more rewards from the AFK Chamber 

❓ How to Play 
- Create Dungeons from the lobby 
- Defeat enemies in the dungeon to gain EXP and loot 
- Take on more difficult dungeons for better loot 

Tags: Dungeon, Dungeon Crawler, RPG, Fantasy, Loot, Treasure


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