Welcome to BloxWar!

BloxWar is an innovative RTS game. Instead of set units, you can make your own using the loadout system. BloxWar also has a special mining system. Not all rocks are the same, some are more and some are less valuable. Along with these, BloxWar has a lot of interesting mechanics you can find out more by jumping into action!

If you're new to BloxWar, please do the tutorial. It'll teach you the basics.

Do mind that this game is still in its alpha phase. This means that you can expect some bugs, janky controls and bad graphics. 
It also means that players that play during this period will get special rewards later on!

If you have any feedback don't hesitate to send it to me via roblox's messages. Give constructive criticism, if you don't like the game tell me why you don't like it.


There are currently no running experiences.