[Q]: Ki Blast (train ki)
[E]: Combat (train attack and agility)
[R]: Ki Self (train defense)
[B]: Long Transform
[N]: Short Transform
[X]: Aura Hide
[L]: Hover your mouse over someone and press L to lock on
[SPACE]: Double tap space to fly
[SHIFT]: Hold Shift to run/speed fly

How to fuse?
1- equip player fusion on combat 
2- say the code "fuse name" your friend need say the same

How to play in Tournament Of Power.
The Objective is to send your opponent out of the arena with energy and combat skills and the reason for the shield is that so you can not die unless you are pushed from the arena and the speed is so you can keep inside the arena if somebody pushes you .
Reward: For each player out = Kill + xp + hp

How get more xp ? 
you can buy the game pass multiples xp or Kill or if you die for one player

how increase my Hp form ?
*Kill players
*Train your stats
*Death for one player
*Get more xp
*Increase rebirths
Current max : rebirth 36

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