❗ | Lots more balances, an easter event, and the strongest sorcerer.

Goofy Arena is an arena game that features a wide range of goofy characters, from iShowSpeed to Ohio Final Boss as well as characters such as Kratos and Omniman. The game has been revamped in a new look with tons of bug fixes and is now free to play.

Keyboard & Mouse:
[R] - Emote
[Q] - Dash 
[F] - Block
[LMB] - Punch
[Left Shift] - Run
[Left Control] - Camera Lock

[L1] - First Ability
[L2] - Second Ability
[R1] - Third Ability
[Y] - Fourth Ability
[Left Joystick] - Run
[DPad Up] - Ultimate
[DPad Down] - Camera Lock
[DPad Right] - Emote
[X] - Block
[B] - Dash
[A] - Jump


There are currently no running experiences.