FOLLOW YELLOW ARROW to perform simple quests to level up (GROW TALLER at each BIRTHDAY).  Please "thumbs-up" and "favorite" for more updates. Current features:  Bikes, Skateboards, Pets, Boomerang, Slingshot, Cars, Doge likes to catch Frisbee; Camping: Tents, rock wall climb, scary creature. Paintball. Drivers Training.  Karate, Gymnastics.  Chemistry class.  Robotics.  High School Dance. Graduation.  Drones. Lockable Motorcycles. Work on a farm. Carnival rides, roller coaster, mirror maze.  Dream of Treasure.  College Dorms and Game Room with Pool Tables. Voice chat.  Neon Clothing.  Zoology Class. Baking and Fitness Class, gain and lose weight. What's in the sky? Studio Lite - Make your own game.  VR hands and head control.  Improved Backpack.  Post suggestions, ask for help, and report glitches here:


There are currently no running experiences.