Zapper Simulator!

✅ Ocenic Island
✅ New Weapon Added
✅ New Oceanic Egg & Pets
🤝 Trade Function Is Now Available!

🎉 Next Code on 7500 Likes!
🎉 Thanks for 5000 likes! use code "5KLikes" FREE Pet

❓How to Play❓
✅ Collect Zaps to Get Coins
✅ Collect Coins to Get Rank Up
✅ Collect Gems for Pets
✅ Collect Top 100 Ranking Tags
✅ Player Vs Player
✅ Zapping your way to find new islands
✅ Zapping in Zapping Race
✅ Capture The Flags
✅ Conquer Zapper Hill
✅ Defeat Zapper Boss

☑️ Roblox Premium Members will have access of Special Island!
☑️ Roblox Premium Members can equip 1 extra pet! 

😎 Invite Friends to get 10% Coin Boost for each friends
🐦 Follow on TW and verify in game for Free 20% Coin Boost & Verified Chat Tag

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