Welcome to Realm Of Champions!✨

⚔️ Play as your favourite fictional character from the multiverse! 
⚡ Each character has their own unique set of fun abilities 
👑 Unlock new characters via purchasing them with stars or robux
🔥 Multiple fun game-modes to play, such as: 'Battle Royale' or 'Free For All'
🎮 This game is compatible with both PC & Mobile. 
⭐️ Earn stars in-game via eliminating other players or winning a battle royale match. 

⭐️200 Stars Per Kill
⭐️2500 Stars Per Battle Royale Win

📝 Join the social links below for sneak peaks of upcoming characters 
🔨 New character coming every week! 
❤️ Give the game a like for upcoming redeemable star codes!

Current characters in-game:  
Wanda Maximoff, Harry Potter, Starfire, Jack Frost, Violet, Marvel Girl, Zatanna, Azula, Mitsuri, Gon

Version: 0.1 

Tags: Marvel, DC, Multiversal, Anime, Super Heroes, Villains, Netflix


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