[for Players] 
Solve 8 missions with Honda Power Products to open new worlds!

“Honda Rewired” featuring the world of Honda Power Products is now available on Roblox! Use all 8 power product modules to solve issues in the “Honda Rewired” world, and access “cheat modes” that give them new, incredible features! If you complete all eight missions using all eight modules, something unbelievable might happen to the world...!

[for Creators]
Build, connect and create your own world

Create a new world unlike any other, with eight Honda Power Products modules at your fingertips! The most popular Roblox experiences created through this contest will be introduced to all players on a global leaderboard in the “Honda Rewired” world. They’ll also be accessible through warp gates! Create alone, or take up the challenge in collaboration with friends, co-workers or family. We’re looking forward to seeing your “Honda Rewired” entries for Roblox experiences that go beyond imagination!


There are currently no running experiences.