🔘New Super Code : hunt

🆕[UPDATE] 8🆕  
Open christmas gifts - Limited game breaking pets!!
New map
GUI update
Bug fixes

Although we are not officially a part of the hunt please support the games and roblox in this event!

Slingshot Race
Grab your space helmet and prepare for launch!

How to play:
🪙   Collect power tokens to launch further!
🕹️  Play the arcade to trade your studs for more power!
🌌  Reach all the planets in our Solar System to gain rewards!
🐺  Spend Studs on Pets for extra Boosts!
♻️  Rebirth to maximise your distance
🚀 Try to get on the Infinity Road Leaderboard - Unlimited Studs!

👍 Please like and follow the game if you enjoy it!

Code: "newyear" - Free Pet!

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