🎈 Took 4 hours total to make

❗ Escape seek on underground! 
❗ PLEASE create private server

👁 play ORIGINAL doors before playing:

📒 Remaster v0.4:
Fixed spawn
Elevator is no longer dark
Added vitamin anim
Crucifix: Find it behide objects before chase, Click to activate
Song bug fixed when you join
Added more objects
Scaled eyes to be small/big
Changed player walk animation
New hotbar
New elevator intro
New animation
New cutscene

📷 Just like doors, It is recommended to play with 60% graphics or max

🎉Like & Favorite the game if you enjoyed the Experience!

✔ Credits to LSplash, RediblesQW, cosuby - for the assets
⚠ This game uses DOORS Assets but if the creators have a problem, Contact me in Roblox messages

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