Welcome to Maker Donations! This creativity sandbox allows you to create the world of your dreams while getting donations! Showcases, arenas, hobbies, you name it!

NEW! 3.0 UPDATE! 🎉 
👷‍♂️ Build with Friends!
🧱 New Parts!
💨 Atmosphere Settings!

🔨 Build your dream world
🔐 Unlock new parts to use in your creations
🌎 Get found on World Explorer
👥 or Invite your friends to join via your username
💰 Get donations from your Gamepasses/Items
🗺️ Explore different creations
💵 Donate to others to support their worlds

To receive donations in your world:
💼 Make your Inventory Public via Roblox Settings
🌎 Create a game pass or t-shirt and upload it and edit it to your desired price
💸 Done! You're ready to receive donations on Maker Donations. Wait if it doesn't appear.

All donations are made with game passes or clothing sales.

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