Welcome to Maker Donations! This creativity sandbox allows you to create the world of your dreams while getting donations! Showcases, arenas, hobbies, you name it!

The current version is Update 2.3

🔨 Build your dream world
🔐 Unlock new parts to use in your creations
🌎 Get found on World Explorer
👥 or Invite your friends to join via your username
💰 Get Donations with Gamepasses
🗺️ Explore different creations
💵 Donate to others to support their worlds

Maker Donations has NO gamepasses or dev products! You can only donate robux!

To receive donations in your world:
💼 Make your Inventory Public via Roblox Settings
🌎 Create a game pass or t-shirt and upload it and edit it to your desired price
💸 Done! You're ready to receive donations on Maker Donations. Wait if it doesn't appear.

All donations are made with game passes or clothing sales.

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There are currently no running experiences.