This game contains assets from the real game that were acquired through the free toolbox, and Doorsuncopylocked. Please know that not all things were made by me. 

This game is inspired by the creativity and effort of the Doors Developers. I greatly respect the work they put into their game, which has served as a foundation for this project.

I give all credit to the Doors Developers Lightning_Splash and RediblesQW, for Models, Tons of Scripts, and 90% of the sounds.
I want this to be seen by the Doors Developers if they see my game. ALSO Please note, I do get premium payout and some donations, BUT I give almost all of it away!

I have seen some people get their Doors Games (with less visits than mine) Taken down, and I just want to ensure the Doors Developers know that I made this game for fun,
not to make profit from their game.

I do not DevEx.

I like testing my Develop ability.

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