Delve is an ongoing development of a full-fledged MMORPG.

Explore a vast underground world filled with mysteries, adventures, and challenges.

Update 1 - Donation and Gifting System.

Upon entering the game, the system automatically detects all the items you have for sale (Gamepasses) and adds them to the G$ menu.

Gifting (Donating) can be done by purchasing other players' Gamepasses, T-shirts, Pants, Shirts, and more. To gift someone, simply click on their name in the G$ menu, and all their items for sale will appear. Please note that it may take up to a week for the obtained Robux to be processed.

You can view your pending Robux at this link:

For each gift you give, you will receive Ancient Coins valued at 10% of the gift's worth, which can be used for in-game actions.

Next update - Clans - You can register your Roblox Group as a clan and sell your Group Store items in-game. Other members of your clan can also sell your Group Store items.


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