🎉 50k group members!! Use the code `SPRING2023` for in-game cash!
Next code at 4000 likes!

🚗 New car in the garage! (colored with the tycoon color)
🌖 New day and night cycle!
⭐ Rebirths with new items to unlock (rebirth info can be found below)
💸 Survive the nuke in the new Site 02 to earn cash
🔓 230+ buttons to buy

For a complete list of updates and rebirth info, visit this post:

🎖️ Military Facility Tycoon 2 is a remastered game where you can become the Lead Director of one of the six facilities. Upgrade your base to become better protected from break-ins, or to easily infiltrate other bases. Buy a jeep, keycards, guns, uniforms, traps, and defenses all in your facility. Launch the nuke, and then survive it in Site 02 to earn cash. # MFT2, MFT


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